Liquor Store Gondolas

Liquor Store Gondolas

We have Gondolas available in a single sided or a double sided configuration.  Double sided gondolas provide merchandising on both sided of the gondola unit and are mostly used as an island store fixture that can break up the main portion of a store into aisles.  Single sided gondolas available for a Liquor Store are mainly used on an open or empty wall.  The single sided Gondola can also be configured as what is known as an end cap for a gondola.

The double sided and single sided units are configured using the same components and parts.  The parts or components include an upright, a base shelf, base shoes, a front kickplate, backs or back boards available in a pegboard or solid board back, base shoe covers, three spanners, and an upright cover.

Gondola Height

Heights are available in 6 inch increments starting at 36 inches or 3 feet and as high as 96 inches or 8 feet and beyond by special order or with the use of extension uprights.

Base Depth

We have base depths starting at twelve inches and as deep as a thirty inch base in two inch increments.  Upper shelves start a minimum depth of eight inches all the way up to thirty inches available in two inch increments.

We have Gondola Shelving, Upper shelves, and Wire Racks available in many colors and styles to meet the needs of most any high end Liquor, Spirits or Wine store.

Shelf Colors

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