Liquor Shelves

Liquor Store Gondolas

Choose from a large selection of Liquor Shelves available for most any retail store that sells Liquor.
The most popular way to display bottles of wine and liquor is on what is known as Gondola Shelving found in most retail stores.  We have the Gondola Shelving available in a double sided and a single sided configuration.  Typcally Liquor is displayed behind the front counter on a single sided isle of shelving that usually stands very high upagainst a wall.

Wall Liquor Shelving

Many different upper shelf styles are available.  The upper shelf pictures above is the standard upper shelf mainly used to stand the bottles upright. Standard upper shelves can be utilized to lay the bottles flat as needed to keep the wine bottle corks wet to provide a seal from the atmosphere as pictured below with what is known as Shelf Dividers and Front Fences for Gondolas.

Freestanding Wine Racks

Flat Liquor Shelves

Flat Liquor Shelf

We also have free standing wine bottle racks in three different configurations that are expandable just like the gondolas as pictured below. Freestanding wine racks are made in USA and constructed of all steel tubing and wire with a power coat finish

Free Standing Wine Rack

We have Gondola Shelving, Upper shelves, and Wire Racks available in many colors and styles to meet the needs of most any high end Liquor, Spirits or Wine store.

Shelf Colors

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